The fat pony


Dutch design week


Branding, Interior design

Nowadays, do we even know what we’re eating exactly? Because of the massive scale of the food industry, it is hard to find out. A climax was reached with the ‘horse meat scandal’. Horse meat turned out to be secretly incorporated without this being stated on the packaging. Now, horse has become a piece of meat shrouded in controversy. But is that justified? Who wants to eat more consciously, can just eat horse. It’s lean meat, rich in iron and other minerals. Moreover, there are no horses bred for slaughter in the Netherlands. A horse that is not eaten, ends up in the destructor.

For The Fat Pony, 70% Bar collaborated with third year students of the Fontys Acadamy for Art, Communication and Design Tilburg. Together they researched the combination ‘horse’ and ‘restaurant’. Fieldwork was literally carried out, this ranged from the pony’s in the pasture, but also to the boning of a horse at the butcher. In addition, we had workshops from design studio Catalogtree, chef Tom Buiting and theater director Lisah Baert. All this comes together in the horse meat restaurant The Fat Pony.

The horse meat from The Fat Pony comes from Butcher Beerens in Best. Traditionally, they personally select which horses come into the butcher shop. We were able to watch a horse being boned and cut into steaks and stew meat. The Fat Pony menu is based on the different parts of the horse. We wanted to avoid eating only the entrecote of ten horses and having the rest of the animal go to waste. You should have tasted the menu:


Turnip soup
Celeriac soup with thyme oil and toast with haycheese and apple (v)

Charcuterie de Cheval
horse charcuterie: dry sausage, pastrami and horse sausage with pickles and carrot jam

salt crusted beet, pickled beetroot and roasted beets with dill yoghurt on dandelion leaf (v)

Pulled Horse
pulled horse on a horse milk bun with haysin sauce and a spicy cucumber salad


Italian Stallion
classic Italian pasta ragù: stew in tomato sauce with pappardelle and trefoil

Pumping Iron
Limburg-style stew in dark beer and apple, served with carrot, mashed potatoes with spinach and stewed apple

Americo’s Present
tartelette of pastry with puy lentils in yoghurt, Irish cheese and mashed sweet potatoes (v)

Hay hay hay de Haas
hay flamed horse steak with horseradish butter, served with roasted red onion, red wine sauce, sprouts and fried potatoes


Horse Fig
pure chocolate mousse with roasted pecans, pistachio, soaked figs and candied orange peel

Oat Cake
with stewed apple and homemade vanilla ice of horse milk

Carrot cake with coffee


VICE Munchies
I Ate Pulled Horse and Charcuterie at This Pop-Up Horse Restaurant
Nov 12 2016

The horse-themed Pop-Up Restaurant with Pulled Horse and Horse Music
Nov 17 2016